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They say it is ok I can not really write and was never expressing myself through the writing process. Apparently it  is enough, what I will tell here. Ok than, even without any great writing skills and without perfect English I am about to share little from my personal experience about problems with fertility.

Well, at first. I had never imagined that it would be the problems with conceiving, I would have to deal with in my life. I am very active and positive-thinking individual. I sport a lot, I eat well, my entire family is healthy. I always go for routine check ups with my doctor. My age for baby was just right.  And yet, when me and my boyfriend decided to  have bay, I was not able to get pregnant. I considered myself extremely calm and I did not let the fact I’m not pregnant at once to upset me. I also refused to get nervous just because of my friends, whom, after some time, got curious about the fact we are not expecting yet. I simply waited patiently for the day when I become pregnant. Well, at the end it was my gynaecologist who got me slightly nervous and after two years of being non-pregnant we ended up at an IVF clinic.

Secondly. What ever involves process of assisted reproduction, I really could not imagine that. I was shocked how many couples deal with such a thing. I had no idea how common it is to look for treatment abroad. That it is popular and mainly much cheaper option. So, we also, as many others, went abroad, to clinic that specializes on those who want a baby and can not get pregnant. There we met  whole team of specialist taking good care of us and helping us with our desire for baby, just simply by making it happen.

And thirdly. When I got my head straight from the shock of where we are, why we are there and what is going to happen I realized suddenly what situation I am actually at and had break down! I found out I am not ok with the whole thing as I thought I was. Facing my new doctor, listening him what to expect now,  I started to cry – unexpectedly.  But not just tearing. I was sobbing so hard I was shaking! My boyfriend sat quietly in the chair next to me surprised as much as I was. And I believe if he could simply disappear, he would.

Eventually I learned about myself a lot more. That in fact I’m not ok, I am not calm and I am really very unhappy. And finding myself in this mess I thought It is so unfair! Because it was me who had lived healthy lifestyle and was always positive towards the life and at the end I can not even get pregnant! That hit me really deeply.

But aggrieved or not, I went through the treatment process with responsible approach and participated actively as much as I use to approach my life. There was no time to feel sorry for myself. I did as my doctor asked me to. I even went for acupuncture option, which for me seemed  incredibly static matter and I was afraid I would run away at once. Well, instead of running, I  fell asleep while having acupuncture! And it was great nap!

And now I can say, because I got pregnant  at first treatment cycle and we have our baby girl, I can not feel aggrieved and berate injustice. Because there are so many couples out there trying many many times and keeping themselves positive and believing it will happen one day for them as well to became parents…

Me and my boyfriend thank to ReproGenesis for their honest care, for helping us to stay in the right direction and most importantly, leading us to happy end of our journey – to our baby!

And to my doctor I thank especially for handling mine incredible ever changing moods, which I did not expect at all. And that he gave me an important personal lesson – that nothing is a matter of course and the child really is A miracle.

Thanks to ReproGenesis team for being there for people who have to go through all this!


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